Squaw Valley Provides Positive Update on Water Contamination


Oftentimes, the weather is difficult to predict. In October 2016, Squaw Valley Ski lodge was hit with a storm that effected the facility’s water supply. A water system that was installed that summer became contaminated due to the storm. Storms typically cause structural damage, but very rarely do we hear anything about contamination of water supplies. Fortunately, the management at Squaw Valley took immediate action to contain the contamination and has done so with incredible success thus far.

As soon as the incident had taken place at the lodge, Squaw Valley management restricted access to water to its customers and began an ongoing investigation on how to handle the situation. Water safety experts were contacted and gave management insightful consultation on the matter. In combination, Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer Country Environmental Health began working with management to ensure that the contamination was dealt with properly. Thus far, the ongoing treatment of the water has proven to be successful thanks to management’s professional approach to the issue by contacting appropriate outside sources.

In lieu of this, patrons will still have regular access to the facilities at the ski lodge. However, all individuals using the resort’s facilities are issued a warning about the water, and the health risks of consumption. As a kind gesture for all its’ customers, Squaw Valley will management will be providing free bottles of water for all until the issue can be resolved. Their safety is of the utmost priority, and management wants individuals to be able to stay hydrated during this time when remaining active on the slopes.

With various organizations and leading expert advice being received, it is only a short amount of time until the water contamination issue can be resolved. Squaw Valley believes firmly in patron safety, and will continue to resolve this ongoing issue until water consumption is safe for all at the facility.


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Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund and The Other Advocacy Groups Today That Promote Human Rights

There are many organizations today that try to resolve the problems in the world. These groups have a lot of passion in them and always try to concentrate on what’s good for others first.

The province where their passion to help belongs could be unknowable, but what is certain is that what they are doing has been some of the most powerful movements and shakers in the entire history of human progress.

Alliance for Justice

This non-profit group’s mission is to enlighten, educate and promote avenues for the spread of civil rights and women consumer advocacy groups today. In a world where there’s so much intolerance and distortion, it is the hope of the group to be able to shed light on matters that don’t get discussed in the media. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

It is also the hope of the organization to promote mental health in diverse sectors in the community. People in the non-profit groups would repose to the donations of others, but Alliance for Justice has other ways to generate support and move their programs without much dependence to their donors.

Alliance for National Renewal

Organized for the betterment of the society in general, the vision of Alliance for National Renewal is said to be a coalition of over 200 national and local organizations in the United States whose core duty is to promote principles that advocate programs for recovering communities, including groups whose civil and human rights have greatly been diminished.

Citizens’ Commission on Civil Rights

This non-profit group is an advocacy that promotes the revitalization of the different civil rights agenda in the networks and communities it is part of. Its vision is not just dependent on supporting interest groups, but also bringing about the national change that the people want.

Institute for the Study of Homelessness and Poverty

This organization has for its vision the establishment of the right research procedures and statistics data gathering with the hope of bringing out the right information to support the projects of low-income people through collaborative efforts and other legal aid for them.

The point of the non-profit is to make sure that the data on poverty research is accurate and not biased towards those who have malicious intent to gain funding.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

Founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this non-profit was started from the settlement money that the two founders got when they filed a joint case against Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio because of the illegal arrest done to them. This non-profit group is now centered towards supporting migrant rights groups throughout Arizona that can offer the best assistance to anyone whose civil rights are deprived.

This non-profit group is also passionate in supporting groups that push the civil rights of migrant workers whose freedom of speech and First Amendment rights have strongly been abused and neglected.


There are many organizations right now that can help your human rights concerns and assist you if you are violated. However, the ones we listed above are some of the best, most responsive and active groups you can seek help from today.

Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook and Jim Larkin | Twitter

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U.S. Money Reserve Offers IRA Tax Tips and a Precious Metals IRA Kit

U.S. Money Reserves Inc. has released some tax saving tips. The company has over 500,000 investor customers. The tax tips provide a helpful guide on the topic of contributions made to their IRA accounts in time 2017 tax filing. The potential savings on their tax obligation can be substantial. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/austin/news/2017/11/16/us-money-reserve-gives-to-harvey-relief.html and https://www.indeed.com/cmp/U.S.-Money-Reserve

They suggest you be certain to contribute to your IRA account. This will reduce your tax bill in most cases, particularly with a traditional IRA. If you have more than one IRA account, consider contributing to all of them.

Depending on age, an individual can contribute up to $6,500 per year. Contribute the maximum amount whenever possible. If that number is higher than money available on hand to contribute, it is recommended that they deposit as much as they possibly can.

U.S. Reserve suggests that even a $500 contribution can make a difference. It is an investment in the future, and it will be there when you need it most, which is in retirement. The investor will also reap the benefit in this year’s tax bite.

If at least one spouse has income, it’s possible to open a spousal IRA. In that way, both spouses may be eligible to contribute up to the maximum amount. Also, be sure to check your eligibility for a saver’s credit. It is worthwhile to check.

This is one more way people can find the money to contribute to an IRA accounts. Consider using the money received back as a tax refund and contribute that to your IRA accounts.

PR Newswire reported that the U.S. Money Reserve also covers the topic of filing for an extension. They advise that if more time is needed before a tax return in time for the deadline, be sure to ask for an extension. When the IRA contribution is made, also be sure to specify whether it is for the 2017 tax filings, or a contribution towards the 2018 tax year.

The company further suggests that a customer should balance their IRA by investing in metals. They suggest that this will strengthen and diversify the IRA. The experts at the U.S. Reserve are there to help.

They have years of experience in investments of all types, including investments in metals. It’s a good time to turn to them to get investment advice on your IRA from U.S. Money Reserve. They have an informative Precious Metals IRA Kit that is available upon request.

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Jeremy Goldstein Provides Companies with Stock Option Advice

Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer and currently works as a partner at his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He is the chair of a subcommittee at the American Bar Association and has worked on some of the biggest mergers in recent years. Goldstein earned his degrees from the New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago and Cornell University.


With his expertise on the subject of mergers & acquisitions he has assisted in many large transactions. He was a part of the Dow Chemical Company and Rohm and Hass Company deal as well as the Verizon and ALLTEL deal.


He is also an author who shares his opinions on business law and finances. In one of his recent publications he shared his thoughts on stock options and knock-out plans.


Despite the recent trend for companies to end their offering of stock options, Goldstein argues that it is still beneficial to offer stock options to employees. That is, if a few criteria are first met.


Said company must be sure that their company will experience growth after initiating stock option plans. They must also be able to work with employees in managing their stocks and coming up with plans. If an employee purchases only a few stocks and requires someone else to handle his stock portfolio for him, he may find himself losing money due to service fees.


If a company that offers stock options is seeing stable, solid growth, it could benefit from offering stock options to employees. An employee that is optimistically involved in the company will work harder to see continued growth. An employee that doesn’t have this relationship with the company will not work as hard.


A solution for a company that is weary about stock options is knock-outs. Knock-outs are a type of stock option that tops off the employees gain from their stocks. These stocks have a maximum selling point that limits the potential profit for the employee, but it also provides the employee with a plan. They know when to get out. Learn more: https://www.quora.com/profile/Jeremy-Goldstein-20

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Daniel Taub Bursts the Overblown Diplomatic Balloon

Since the UN allowed Iran to proceed with its nuclear enrichment program, Israel has never sat easy. It was a matter of time before the bubble burst. Now Mr. Daniel Taub, the former Israeli Ambassador to the UK has spoken out what Israeli’s think and plan to do about what it regards as a serious security blunder commissioned by the international community.

Mr. Taub says that many nations in Europe and elsewhere were duped into the deal. He says the Geneva deal has simply made the Middle East a more dangerous place to live. He claims that Iran will exploit the opportunity to manufacture a nuclear bomb soon. Mr. Taub is also the Director of Planning and Strategy at Yad Hannadiv Foundation.

What Israel Plans To Do About Iran and Its Assertive Overtures

According to the diplomat and international law expert, the deal signed between Iran and the UN gave Iran sufficient cover manufacture a nuclear bomb. Israel recently sent a strong delegation of diplomats and other experts to make a case against Iran’s program.

Mr. Daniel Taub was among the delegation that visited the USA. Israel says it has prepared grounds to cooperate with other Middle-Eastern countries to counter what it calls the axis of evil. Mr. Taub says that Iran has sponsored a ring of criminals under the guise of Shia Muslims across the Middle East; from Tehran, all the way to the Gaza Strip.

Israel is prepared to work with countries that have been widely perceived to be sworn enemies with the Zionist state. Mr. Taub says that other countries in the Middle East feel equally threatened by the blank check of security that the recent deal has granted Iran.

Therefore, many of the states are willing to work with Israel to achieve their goals. Israel plans to join hands with countries that support the Sunni Muslim course to defeat the axis of evil that Iran is trying to establish in the region.

About Daniel Taub

The British born Daniel Taub is a graduate of Harvard, Oxford University, among other top-higher education institutions. Mr. Taub later migrated to Israel. He served in various positions in the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

He has also been a key point man in the Israeli Defense Forces. He is trained in International Law with a specific focus on wartime legalese. He also served as a wartime medic for the Israeli Defense Forces.

While serving in the Foreign Ministry, Mr. Taub has been utilized as both a lawyer in international law and as a diplomat. Taub served as the Israeli Ambassador to the UK from 2011 to 2015.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

http://www.embassymagazine.com/biog/biog_countries/biog_emb37_israel.html and https://www.jnf.co.uk/2015/07/jnf-uk-bids-farewell-ambassador-daniel-taub/

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Mike Baur supports startups in Switzerland

Switzerland is leading in the startup’s development in the whole world. The country is performing better than any other country because it has committed to making the startup businesses in the country succeed. The only way startup businesses can excel in the country is by putting in place measures that will ensure they compete successfully with the established businesses. Since startups do not have the same financial muscle as the big corporations, they are forced to put in place measures that will keep them in business while at the same time offering quality services to the consumers. Startups can do this by offering alternative solutions from those offered by the large corporations.


Startups cannot excel by taking on the big corporations head on. The only alternative they have for them to succeed is to bring disruptive ideas in the market which will impress the consumers and make them fall for their products as opposed to the one offered by the big corporation. Startups in Switzerland have played a critical role in putting the company on the global map as a technologically advanced country. Switzerland has been growing rapidly especially in the technology sector because of the growth recorded by the technological sector. Tech startups in the country have been picking up very well, and some of them are today top companies in the country.


Startups businesses in Switzerland have been supported by a robust mentorship culture that exists in the country. Top financiers and business managers normally come together to tap the ideas that the young entrepreneurs who have good ideas but lack the management knowledge as well as finances to run them. Mike Baur is one of the entrepreneurs who are interested in strengthening the startup industry. He has a company known as Swiss Startup Factory which he is using to mentor and nurture the ideas of the young entrepreneurs in the country. He is giving them an opportunity to develop and become top businesses.


Swiss startup Factory was started by Mike Baur after he left a career in the banking sector in 2014. He came out of the banking industry with adequate experience needed to help other businesses grow. His attention is on young tech entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas. He is offering them space to grow their ideas by ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary business skills to run a business profitably. The Swiss Startup Factory has so far mentored some successful companies such as Bcomp Ag’s.


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Rocketship Education Unique Vision For Their Students

Preston Smith and John Danner founded Rocketship Education in 2006. The first school opened in San Jose, California in 2007. The vision is to eliminate the achievement gap in one lifetime. While you might think this is a very ambitious dream, yet with the devotion of the founders, the principles and educators in this unique school system might not be that far-fetched. How can that be? Rocketship Education offers three pillars to success: Personalized learning, talent development, and Parent Power.

Firstly, personalized learning customizes instructions to ensure students get the most out of their lessons. Rocket education pace lessons for the students and not rush it to make sure students are catching on and learning. They use four content blocks each day to keep lessons fresh and students engaged. Humanities, STEM, Learning Lab and Enrichment allow for teachers who specialize in STEM or Humanities to improve student outcome.

In addition, employing parents to participate in their child’s education holds leaders accountable and ensures that school is educating the students at the highest level possible. By using their transformative change in low-income communities enables this high-quality school system to thrive in those communities it serves.

Second, talent development is another key to having engaged students who are learning at an aptitude to compete at the national school standards. Therefore, investing in educator’s growth and development helps aide in how they teach their students. At Rocketship, they have plenty of talented teachers who work at this educational institute. However, at Rocketship, they want to continue their teachers’ ability to learn as well as their students who depend on those teachers.

Finally, it is all about parent power, because in the end, it comes down to the parents. Without engaging and caring parents, having successful students will be a challenge. It takes the parents to also get involved in the learning process, by making sure their kids are doing the work they are given and staying in contact with the teachers. Parents who put their kids’ education first will see their kids thriving at this unique school.

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Why Dr. David Samadi Would have Treated Mitt Romney’s Prostate Cancer Surgically

Dr. David Samadi came to the US as a refugee from Iran. He fled Iran in 1979 after the revolution. Upon arriving in America in 1984 he decided to go into medicine.

In 1994 he graduated SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine with an MD. He completed post-graduate work at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. David Samadi studied urology at the former and proctology at the latter. He studied oncology at Memorial Sloane Kettering and robotic radical prostatectomy at France’s Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil.

Today, Dr. Samadi is a board-certified urologic oncologist heading the Urology and Robotic Surgery departments at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York. When Mitt Romney was diagnosed with prostate cancer he had to choose between a prostatectomy or radiation. Had Dr. David Samadi been treating Romney Dr. Samadi would have recommended the prostatectomy, assuming the cancer was limited to the prostate.

Romney received the cancer diagnosis when he was 70. That is about the average age for a prostate cancer diagnosis. Sixty-percent of prostate cancer patients are 65 or older.

This is Dr. Samadi’s rationale for choosing surgery over radiation treatments. The survival rate for the surgical patient is close to 100%. Patients who undergo radiation treatment are twice as likely to die from their prostate cancer. Radiation patients have a shorter life expectancy post-treatment than surgery patients. There is a 70% that a patient will die within five years of undergoing radiation treatment.

Radiation treatments can lead to cancer developing in other parts of the body like the rectum or bladder. Surgical intervention for prostate cancer that reoccurs after radiation treatments is much more difficult.

Last year there were 161,360 cases of prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society is projecting an increase in the number of cases of prostate cancer diagnosed this year. The ACS estimates 164,690 prostate cancer diagnosis this year.

Other political figures who have had prostate cancer are Former Secretary of State General Colin Powell and Former Presidential Candidate and Governor of Massachusettes John Kerry. Kerry was diagnosed while on the campaign trail in 2002. General Powell received his diagnosis a year later.

Powell and Kerry both chose prostatectomy. Fifteen and sixteen years later respectively both men remain prostate cancer free.

Dr. David Samadi’s accolades include being recognized by Castle Connoly as one of America’s Top Doctors. New York Magazine placed him on their Best Doctors List.

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US Money Reserve and its Auctions

21st January this year marks a great day for US Money Reserve as they will join the annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction as the official sponsors. This will be the first time that the renowned institution joins such an event. The yearly event that draws people from many parts of the world shall be held at Westworld of Scottsdale in Arizona.

During the event, US Money Reserve will be situated at the Main Salon. The precious metals dealer company will deal will all the questions from the attendees from their Main Salon podium.

This year’s event will be different from other editions. This is because there will be a McLaren P1 GTR on the show for the first time. US Money Reserve will bring the unique car model. This makes the event a special one that no one should miss.

PR Newswire has it that US Money Reserve Chief Numismatist, John Rothans announced that the company is delighted to be offered the opportunity to feature at this event. Mr. Rothans says it’s a great honor to work with Barrett-Jackson owing to the great masses that the auction organizers draw every year.

He also praised the company for organizing successful auction events. He also feels that Barrett-Jackson is a big company as theirs given that the two institutions command a large number of followers. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-president-philip-diehl-130000375.html and http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-ceo-angie-koch-121500601.html

The attendees who will be interested in learning about US Money Reserve are free to visit their exhibition at the Main Salon. Cars fanatics will also have the opportunity to learn about McLaren P1 GTR. The specific vehicle that will feature in the auction will have the following features:

  • The car is registered under the VIN #0001
  • It is a unique model as there are only 45 cars of the same making in the world
  • The car is almost new and has traveled for only 605 miles
  • It is super fast with a top speed of 225mph. It also has a remarkable acceleration of 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds
  • Those that are highly interested in the car can contact Gary Bennett on the number 480-290-3019.

The Scottsdale Auction is the most magnificent Car Collector Auction in the world. Auctioneering giants, Barrett-Jackson organize it. The event draws over 20,000 car enthusiasts from all parts of the world during an eight days period.

The show is usually televised. Barrett-Jackson Auctions have developed over the years to become the most followed car sale events in the world. They are also the only auction organizers who bring unique car models.

US Reserve is a reputable company that deals with the distribution of the U.S government’s issued coins. It ranks among the largest institutions in the country that provides this service.

Its role is to select the most marketable precious metals for their clients. Most clients have attested that they have made enormous profits after engaging US Money Reserve in their precious metal dealings.

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The Past, the Present, and the Future of Fashion Belongs to Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University is a privately owned art school based out of San Francisco, California and was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, it was originally purposed for training artist to work in advertising, which would be obvious to anyone who knew it had a previous name, The Academy of Advertising Art.


It wasn’t until Stephens’ grand-daughter, Elisa Stephens, took over in 1992 when the school really started to blossom. She not only expanded the school’s number of students by 9 fold, in 2005 she changed the direction of the school forever when she entered her students in the New York Fashion show. They were a huge success.


Fashion is far from being the only attraction of The Academy of Art University. Alumni of the school have went on to work for Hollywood blockbusters such as Boss Baby, Ferdinand, and the newest Star Wars films. The school also participates in the NCAA Division II in several sports and has an impressive car museum consisting of over 200 unique and custom vehicles.


As great as it sounds to have so many successful students working in Hollywood, it is definitely the fashion department that draws this college the most attention.


Hailun Zhou, a student at the college debuted a unique peace on stage, a futuristic silver and blank women’s outfit that looked like it belonged in a sci-fi movie rather than on the stage during New York Fashion Week.


Teaming together, Joanna Jadellah and Cana Klebanoff went the direct opposite way. Using a very loose stitching and rustic colors they created a man’s garment that appeared to be pulled from ages long passed. Cana, who was raised in New Jersey, explained that their inspiration was drawn from the ancient Japanese samurai and the architecture of medieval castles.


The Academy of Art University certainly showed why they are the past, present and the future of fashion design at last years New York Fashion Week.


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Dr. Mark Mofid: Reinventing Gluteal Augmentation

Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the best plastic surgeons in America, and he managed to get so many patients who wanted to have a gluteal augmentation or the fixing of someone’s butt. Dr. Mark Mofid stated that more people are visiting his clinic because of his fame and because more people are looking for an affordable gluteal augmentation procedure. His business is thriving because undergoing plastic surgery has become a trend in the United States, especially those who wanted to look like celebrities. As a result, so many beauty centers have started appearing in different locations.

Dr. Mark has been practicing his profession for more than a decade, and he has been the favorite of most celebrities because of his revolutionary method of augmenting the butt. He is also a reliable and trustworthy plastic surgeon, which is why so many people are trying to book an appointment with him. Because of the influx of patients who wanted to experience their services, Dr. Mofid decided to build more clinics in the California era. Dr. Mark Mofids stated that some of the clinics are trying to imitate the techniques that he is using to gain more patients. However, because of the finer detail, someone will have a hard time in hacking through the computer system of Dr. Mark Mofid.

Dr. Mark Mofid has always wanted to see some form that can be seen on the face. Then, after he studied thoroughly, this test was the final one. His friends who went ahead and approached those who are trying to visit are being provided with some of the most mediocre services to the countries. Dr. Mark Mofid, being an innovator himself, has presented that gluteal augmentation will be the activity that will be performed by his colleagues. Gluteal augmentation is one of the most recent offerings provided by the company of Dr. Mark Mofid. They are trying to do everything that they can to remove some of the clues that are being shed. For the meantime, it would be beneficial for us Filipinos to continue with our lives while the volcano erupts and to know more

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