Squaw Valley Provides Positive Update on Water Contamination


Oftentimes, the weather is difficult to predict. In October 2016, Squaw Valley Ski lodge was hit with a storm that effected the facility’s water supply. A water system that was installed that summer became contaminated due to the storm. Storms typically cause structural damage, but very rarely do we hear anything about contamination of water supplies. Fortunately, the management at Squaw Valley took immediate action to contain the contamination and has done so with incredible success thus far.

As soon as the incident had taken place at the lodge, Squaw Valley management restricted access to water to its customers and began an ongoing investigation on how to handle the situation. Water safety experts were contacted and gave management insightful consultation on the matter. In combination, Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer Country Environmental Health began working with management to ensure that the contamination was dealt with properly. Thus far, the ongoing treatment of the water has proven to be successful thanks to management’s professional approach to the issue by contacting appropriate outside sources.

In lieu of this, patrons will still have regular access to the facilities at the ski lodge. However, all individuals using the resort’s facilities are issued a warning about the water, and the health risks of consumption. As a kind gesture for all its’ customers, Squaw Valley will management will be providing free bottles of water for all until the issue can be resolved. Their safety is of the utmost priority, and management wants individuals to be able to stay hydrated during this time when remaining active on the slopes.

With various organizations and leading expert advice being received, it is only a short amount of time until the water contamination issue can be resolved. Squaw Valley believes firmly in patron safety, and will continue to resolve this ongoing issue until water consumption is safe for all at the facility.


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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin; Leading the way in advocating for civil, migrant, and human rights

Around the globe, there are a set of rules that govern human interaction. They provide for the rights of every person within the specific locality. In the modern states, the constitution enshrines these rights for every citizen.

However, this is not always the case. It has necessitated the formation of various organizations which advocate for civil, human and migrant rights. In essence, human rights are anchored on the same principles regardless of the locality.

Among the most notable organizations in the civil, human, and migrant rights is the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. The group was established by two renowned journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The story behind the establishment of the fund is an interesting one.

Larkin and Lacey were unlawfully arrested from their Phoenix-area homes by Maricopa County Sherriff. Although they were later released, the two went to court because the incident was an abuse of power and in contravention of First Amendment rights.

The appellate court directed Maricopa County to pay a settlement of $3.7 million to the two. Larkin and Lacey set aside the money to establish the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

The organization is primarily involved in advocating for migrants’ rights in Arizona. In addition to these reasons, they focus on promoting human and civil rights. The group has also directed its efforts towards helping low-income earners in claiming a position within the social arena through equal rights.

Other groups include:

American Immigration Lawyers Association

It’s a voluntary organization which boasts of a network of over 13,000 lawyers among other professionals in the legal arena. The association, which operates on a not-for-profit platform, has also been offering training and education on various legal issues.

Besides, the Association provides consultancy services in the United States. The association remains committed to advocating human and migrant rights through applicable immigration law concepts. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

Collation for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles

They mainly focus on fighting for immigrants both locally and throughout America. The organization supports individuals and groups working in the areas of civic awareness and immigration details. It has made excellent contributions in advocating for civil and migrant rights.

Advocates for human rights

This organization independently pushes for human rights on the global arena. Its activities are mainly focused on promoting human rights in different parts of the world. Also, it conducts investigations on any case or incident deemed to be contrary to the principles of human rights.

The organization carries out training aimed at enhancing the capacity of individuals and groups advocating for human rights, in particular, children rights.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:


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Vijay Eswaran States the Importance of Networking in Business

Vijay Eswaran has an incredible success story from working as a taxi driver to one of the richest business individuals in Asia. Vijay Eswaran has worked with the lowest levels of income to attain more than $550 million as a multi-lateral business entity. For over two decades of experience in the business world, few people have amassed a great amount of wealth as Vijay Eswaran. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/244124 and http://interview.net/vijay-eswaran/

His success is based on his patience to work for what he believes. Vijay Eswaran also advises that people must associate themselves with better business values so that they could solve the problems people face as a way of business.

Vijay Eswaran has leveraged the power of networking to push sales and marketing strategies. Vijay Eswaran advises that people must look towards developing a wide range of network and lead solutions to make it better business in the industry.

If you are seeking to achieve the most sophisticated entity in the industry, you will always attain your independent business capabilities in a manner that is not capacitated in the business world. Vijay Eswaran is also working towards massive philanthropic endeavors to give back to the society as a way of thanking them for their extended business solutions.

The first thing Vijay Eswaran advises you to do to achieve success is to overcome conditioning. When Vijay Eswaran was a young boy, his parents told him to study to get a steady job to achieve financial independence. However, Vijay Eswaran wanted to do business.

Vijay Eswaran had no idea of what business would suit him during that time. However, he believed in his capabilities to assimilate better business values in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Few people can amass a great amount of wealth with his business strategies.

Vijay Eswaran is worth more than $550 million because of working to achieve his independent business solutions as a multi-lateral business individual. This is the reason why his business is adopted on a massive scale in the industry.

For those who want to achieve success, they must always ascertain their accessibilities for better business values. Vijay Eswaran provides insight towards business success.

Read more:

3 More Years: NYCFC Owners Man City and Vijay Eswaran’s QNET Extend their Partnership

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Investment Icon Paul Mampilly Shares His Investment Advice

Paul Mampilly is a successful hedge fund and financial manager and author of the Profits Unlimited investment newsletter. He has demonstrated proven success by winning the prestigious Templeton Foundation’s investment competition award.

Mampilly has a rich educational background in business and finance, receiving his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in business administration from State University of New York at Albany and Fordham’s school of business respectively. Paul demonstrated his investment prowess while co-managing multiple hedge funds as a senior portfolio manager at Kinetics Asset Management.

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Mampilly’s success as a hedge fund manager lead him to creating the Profits Unlimited newsletter in which he shares many of his investment secrets to his subscribers. The purpose of the newsletter extends beyond simply providing advice; Mampilly strives to teach each subscriber to make smarter investment choices. He is a firm believer that the best way to truly learn how to invest is through personal trading experiences and learning through trial and error. Paul is proponent of considering all viewpoints prior to selecting a particular stock or investment opportunities. He explains that understanding what the existing negative sentiment surrounding an investment choice can be crucial in evaluating the true potential success of that option. Many times investors will simply choose a stock based on positive news and overlook some red flags that may not be quite as obvious.

Paul Mampilly is a huge success story, but it is his strong desire to share his knowledge with others that is truly admirable. One of the largest pieces of advice he gives to both amateur and seasoned investors is to continue treating each investment decision as a learning experience and always expand your knowledge base to make the most well informed decision possible. His Profits Unlimited newsletter is an incredible opportunity that investors have to educate themselves and obtain some of the tools necessary take ownership of their personal finances and grow their wealth.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly: https://technewsspy.com/2017/10/11/paul-mampilly-says-being-chipped-is-the-wave-of-the-future/

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Fabletics Successful Reverse Showrooming Model

The fashion e-commerce market is very competitive. It is challenging for a company to make it and become profitable. There are several fashion giants that have already established themselves in the market. One of these institutions is Amazon. The fashion company has been doing very well, and it currently controls over twenty percent of the market. Fabletics is a new fashion company that has beaten all odds and emerged successfully. The company is growing significantly and expanding, regardless of the economic times. Despite the high competition, Fabletics has made a lot of profits, and it has won the hearts of so many people in the market.


Fabletics has been in the market for more than three years now. During these years, the company has proven to be a profitable venture, and it is currently valued at two hundred and fifty million. The active wear fashion brand operates online, and it has several stores in different locations. The company manufactures quality cloths to the consumer at all times. The institution has won the hearts of so many people because it always upholds the quality of its products. The principle used by the company has played a fundamental role in the success of the fashion company.


In the modern times, the customers love to purchase the brands that are inspiring. For an individual to purchase an item, they must be impressed and pushed because of the features they can see. In the past, most people were only concerned about the quality and price of the products. Fabletics has a membership subscription that allows its users to get cloths every month. Although most of the brands were historically identified because of their quality and brands, the modern institutions have identified ways of impressing their customers. Features like brand recognition, last mile services, customer experience and exclusive designs have an impact on the sales made by companies.


Fabletics has also embraced the reverse showrooming strategy to make sure that it becomes profitable in the competitive market. Most consumers browse and look for lower prices offline, and this affects the outcome of the business. Fabletics, however, has turned the offline browsing into a positive feature, and it has done so well over the years. The customers can access the products they have been looking for online and offline. The leadership of the fashion brand has been instrumental in the success of the company. Kate Hudson has also played a primary role in the enterprise.

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Tobias Jaeger: Entertainment Venture Capitalist

Tobias Jaeger is a Managing Partner and the Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at AXIOM Venture Capital. He specializes in team building and corporate finance. AXIOM Venture Capital is a boutique firm that specializes in investing in the content and entertainment industry. The company advises its clients, who are in the TV and film industry, on how best to grow their businesses. Tobias is also the founder of AXIOM Pictures, an equity fund that specializes in investing in global film projects. Tobias has also participated in other ventures in finance, advisory business, e-gaming and consultation. In Germany, Tobias is a TV personality who contributes for WirtschaftTV, a German Business TV Network. He provides commentary on various business related topics in the entertainment industry. Mr. Jaeger is an alumnus of Texas A&M University and Maastricht University where studied in the field of International Business relations. Tobias lives in Berlin together with his young family.

Tobias has always been interested in entrepreneurship. He started his first business venture while still in campus. He has a global mindset having visited and worked in over 40 countries across six continents. Tobias is passionate about connecting with people and he is a member of the TEDx organization and the Sandbox Network. At AXIOM Venture Capital, Tobias ensures that his clients do not have to worry about raising capital and managing finances. This frees his clients to focus only on producing high quality content for the film industry.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Tobias spoke of what led to the creation of AXIOM Venture Capital. Tobias and his other partners noticed that there were some TV and film production companies that were interested in long term investment in the industry. Such companies wanted to build lasting relationships instead of one-off relationships. This is made more difficult by the fact that most relationships in the entertainment industry are short-term due to the fast pace of the industry. This created an opportunity for Tobias to create an equity company that can help such companies.

Tobias is a firm believer of using data and research to guide one’s decisions in life. He does not believe in guesswork and he only makes decision after weighing the evidence that is in front of him. Tobias also likes to speak to experts of fields that interest him. These two habits help Tobias to quantify his ideas and make wise investment decisions. Tobias is also excited by the potential offered by the gig company.


To learn more, visit http://tobiasjaeger.com/.

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Michael Lacey Discusses Freedom of Speech

Michael Lacey, the mathematician who has become famous for his establishment of the human advocacy and free speech supporting group known as the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, has recently discussed the principal of free speech in the United States and how some individuals are attempting to eliminate this freedom.

Lacey has been raising money for senators, congressmen, and other politicians and political ideology for over two decades.

In addition to his support of political causes, Lacey also contributes to magazines, academic journals, and other forms of media to educate the masses about the American idea of the right to free speech.

In a recent publication, Michael Lacey discussed the importance of free speech to the nation and to the individual concept of freedom.

In the first article of the Constitution of the United States, citizens are protected from the repression of free speech by its government. Lacey argues that this protection is one of the most sacred and primal protections that individual citizens can posses.

The mathematician and political advocate also argues that the elimination and minimization of the right to free speech should be immensely refuted by every citizen who enjoys its privileges. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

According to Michael Lacey, certain establishments and leaders of industry and politics seek to impede upon the right to free speech for their own benefit. In the events of his own life, Lacey has professed to have experienced attempts to suppress rights to free speech by individuals in powerful places.

In his recent publication, Lacey stated that attempts like these to suppress free speech and intimidate individuals who hold dissenting views to a mainstream majority should even be resisted by citizens who hold to the views of the majority consensus.

The protection of free speech was made, after all, for the shielding of unpopular individuals, opinions, and ideas from the majority. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=CVXnps0AAAAJ&hl=en

Lacey has announced his intentions to continue to fight against businesses, ideas, and individuals who seek to eliminate the right to free speech in the United States.

The mathematician believes that the right to free speech is one of the freedoms that separate civilized and progressive countries from dictatorial ones.

Michael Lacey is, himself, actively engaged in several fights to rescue his own freedom of speech from the hands of politicians and authoritarian figures who would seek to remove this freedom.

He also continues to exhort his own students and citizens of the United States to fight to secure the freedom of speech.

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Lacey and Larkin Continual Role in Defending Immigrant Rights in Arizona

Freedom of speech and participation is protected in the first amendment of the US Constitution. As such, advocacy of rights should be protected and not frustrated. All migrants should be accorded civil rights and firms such as Lacey and Larkin Frontera has come up bravely to support this cause.

It advocates for civil, migrant and human rights as well as freedom of civic participation and speech throughout the region of Arizona including the Mexican border famously known as “la línea fronteriza”.

Founded by intellectually provocative journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund donates to 22 civil rights foundations and largely focuses on the Hispanic community-based in the Phoenix region.

The fund was founded through a settlement amounting to $ 3.75 million from a case in which they petitioned against Sheriff Arpaio who was arrested on 18th October 2007.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund works closely with other organizations such as Aliento, an immigrant focused organization and “Angeles de Frontera” also known as Border Angels.

Aliento has set out to help both the documented and undocumented migrants facing unwarranted immigrations control official’s harassment. The group trains and equips migrants living within the Arizona region in businesses, schools and the community in totality.

Aliento uses various forms of arts and advocacy to heal the communities. It has been ingenious in coming up with venues which allow immigrants to attain free legal advice on refugee rights as well as information on emerging DACA issues.

Border Angels in similarity to Lacey and Larkin fund is also a charitable non-profit organization which focuses mainly on immigration reforms, migrant rights, and prevention of immigrant deaths along the US-Mexico border. Founded in 1986 by Enrique Morone, migrants rights are well protected and civil rights are consistently being looked into.

Border Angels just like Aliento engages itself in various community education and awareness programs. This is done through taking guided trips along the migrant crossing routes as well as to the border to learn about the history of US-Mexico border policy and get firsthand experience on the border fence.

Border Angels work tirelessly to dispel the various myths surrounding immigration issues in the United States and to bring back the values of truth and justice.

Through its various migrant outreach programs that teach the migrants and free legal assistance program held in their offices every Tuesday of the week, it aims to touch on the existing San Diego County’s immigrant population. People come out more knowledgeable and aware of their rights and freedoms than before. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Mobilizing support from the grassroots is one of the cornerstone processes of building a robust civil and political movement. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has embarked on active campaigns to recruit new volunteer lawyers, doctors and other professionals needed in times of immigration disasters.

The Fight for the rights of immigrant and lobbying for the DREAM Act, currently being debated, continues so as to promote the legalization of undocumented illegal immigrants in all countries and keep their dreams alive.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


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The Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi, a leading financial executive from Brazil, is known for his interests towards music as well. He was very active in music during his college days and early years of his career. Audi was the member of a well-known Brazilian music band named Viper and was active during the 1980s and 90s. It should be noted that the band was formed in 1985 as a heavy metal genre music band. Ever since the band formed, Audi was the drummer of it with Pit brothers leading the troupe. The first album of the band named Soldiers of Sunrise released in the year 1987, and the Iron Maiden-type album was highly successful in the country.

After two years, the band came with another album named Theatre of Fate that came with mature songwriting, based on classical music style. It featured the improved singing style of Andre Matos, and it was considered as a high-class progressive metal album. The band again released another album, Evolution, in the year 1992 with blends of hard rock style and classical influences. The band also did three more albums in the later years and released a few singles as well. In the later years, Cassio found himself busy with the responsibilities of his financial career and stopped the active association with the band. His Facebook Profile.

Audi fondly remembers his early music career and tries to collaborate with the band, whenever possible. In April 2016, he joined his old members of the band to celebrate the Viper Day in São Paulo, Brazil. Audi showcased his drums skills in the event, and the band performed a number of songs in front of a large audience. While coming to the career, Audi started his career with JP Morgan Chase as a trader and worked with many financial firms in various roles. He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector.

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The Draft Fantasy Sports is for You

Imagine that any time, every day, you will be able to play the sports that you want. You can do this with Draft Fantasy Sports. All you have to do is be able to access the web from your cell phone device or your home computer. It is that simple to get the enjoyment you are looking for from sports that you love.

You need to make your choice on which sport or sports you want to participate in. They are the NFL, the NBA, golf, MLB and NHL. Once you have picked that, you need to decide which players that you want for your team. After that is all done, you just want to watch and see if you win.

After you become a real pro at using the Draft Fantasy Sports, you will be able to tell others about it. Tell them how often you play, and how enjoyable it is. They will want to join up too so they can play their favorite sport or sports with Draft Fantasy Sports.

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Larkin & Lacey


As a result of the need to protect Jewish interests and to advocate for the legitimacy of Israel, the Anti-Defamation League was formed. It is about Jewish matters, though it is willing to take on situations having to do with discrimination.

This makes sense, since Jewish people, themselves, have been historically discriminated against for thousands of years.

If you want to look at a diverse collection of pro-white symbols that they deem as “hateful,” then you should go to their website. Their website has a a pretty sizable database about these types of symbols.

The database really allows you to dive into a world of knowledge when it comes to pro-white stuff and what is going on in contemporary times. Read more: Phoenix New Time


Femen is a fairly young organization, having only been founded in 2008. It did not originate in America; it originated in the countries of Ukraine and France. To get as much attention as possible, they walk around with their tops off and do a variety of things—hold up signs, yell and do theatrical performances. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427427/Jim_Larkin and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

Their method of protest is physically harmless, since they are non-violent. However, them taking their tops off is shocking to everyone else, so they call it “sextremism.” They are definitely worth mentioning, due to their uniqueness and the success that they have had in garnering attention for women’s issues.


EURO is an organization that would seem politically incorrect and wrong in today’s political landscape, and in the rhetoric of the media. Why? Well, it was established for the plight of people of European descent who fall under the social classification of “White.” On the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, they describe EURO as a “paper tiger.”

EURO discusses the discrimination that is happening to European people and European communities in the United States, as well as around the world. Occasionally, the organization holds conferences about these issues.

It’s founder, David Duke, is notorious for having been in the Ku Klux Klan about 40 years ago. During the past 40 years, he has been involved in politics. Jim Larkin currently has a radio show where he talks about the struggles of Whites, as well as some more conservative views about certain topics.

If you suspend any positive or negative biases about him that you have, accept the fact that you might not see eye to eye with him on some issues and actually listen to his show, he does bring up some good points.

For example, if you are pro-choice and you hear a pro-life comment being said by David Duke or someone on his show, that doesn’t mean that you should automatically disagree with everything that he says without thinking things through.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin organized this fund because from a really bad experience they learned one thing: the government and society do not operate fairly.

They established the Frontera Fund from monetary endowments rewarded to them from a court case about how Maricopa county had forsaken their constitutional rights. The money in the fund goes to amazing organizations that save the lives of human beings who cross the border everyday.

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