Doe Deere’s Inspiring Way Of Life In Business

Doe Deere is by far one of the best woman in the industry of makeup. Her inspiring words and strong personality can showcase to you what she does in the industry of makeup. She did an interview with the Idea Mensch website to talk about where her business is going, what’s headed for the future, alongside personal anecdotes about her life in the world of business and makeup.


Doe Deere got her start when she barely had any money to her name. With just a few bucks to her name, she found that she could sell her own DIY stuff through the power of eBay. Her brand skyrocketed with time and she made some decent money, but when she finally got to create the official business anew for Lime Crime and her own makeup, she definitely flew high in business. Within a few months of being out, she realized the recognition was pouring in and she accomplished so much.


One thing that she talks about is learning to listen to your own intuition. It’s amazing that she did exactly that and slowly built her business to becoming a huge success. She teaches about using your own intuition slowly and beginning to go out there to make good choices until you’re ready to move forward and do more.


Doe Deere and her makeup is definitely something worth looking into. She created this brand with the genuine intention to help women find a way to use makeup as a way to express oneself and build personality. It’s all about crafting that perfect look, finding that smile, and improving how those eyes and cheeks pop with the rest of the overall makeup. There are so many new ways that Doe Deere is trying to develop her makeup line, and her new additions and already new things coming in the works are proof that she knows what she’s up to.


The most important thing to remember in the world of her business is that she is strong and independent, and she strives to come up with ways to give the brand what it needs to succeed. The best part about this brand is that it can give you everything you need if you want to succeed. Doe is very well respected, and she is the right person to buy makeup from because she totally has everything you need to get the perfect makeup look you’ve always wanted.

Here’s the link to the interview with Ideamensch:


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Dick DeVos Shows Where His Family Helps Philanthropically

In an interview, Dick DeVos recently revealed just how much he and his wife, Betsy, have given away over the years. The amount they have donated is $139 million, with $11.6 million given away in just 2015 alone. Their donations are done through the charitable foundation they established in 1989, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Recently the name of the foundation was updated to the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in order to reflect their children’s roles in it.

In 2015, $3 million of their charitable giving was for educational causes. In the interview, Dick explained that what zip code a child grows up in has far too much influence on what type of education they receive. He views it as a civil rights issue and supports school choice so that students receive the education they deserve. Among the educational nonprofits they have given to are the West Michigan Aviation Academy, Ferris State University, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learnings, and Compas College of Cinematic Arts.

The arts are another focus for Dick and Betsy. In 2015 they donated $2.4 million to places such as the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland and ArtPrize. The Devos Institute of Arts Management was founded by the couple with a $22 million endowment a number of years ago. The institute’s mission is to provide an education that the future leaders of art institutes will need in order to successfully run the operation and engage in effective fundraising.

Other areas that the couple gave to in 2015 includes community programs, leadership and development, health & human services, churches, and public policy. Their foundation is known as one that doesn’t attach strings to their donations and let the nonprofits spend the money as they see fit in support of their mission.

Dick served as a Vice President of Amway Corporation from 1984 to 1990. Dick DeVos was the President of Amway Corporation from 1993 to 2002. He was also the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Orlando Magic and the arena they play in, Amway Center, from 1991 to 1993. He also founded the Windquest Group along with Betsy. This company invests in manufacturing, technology, and green energy.

In addition to donating money, Dick DeVos has served on the board of a number of nonprofits. Among these is being a Co-Chairman of the Board of the Education Freedom Fund. This charity gives scholarships to children that come from low-income families that want to attend the school of their choosing. He has also been the Chairman of “Kids First! Yes!”. This was a campaign committee that was seeking to amend the Michigan constitution in order to allow school vouchers and tax credits.


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The Boraie Development’s Outstanding Role In Shaping Downtown New Brunswick

Boraie Development is a real estate company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company offers a myriad of real estate services and has a commitment to fulfill their vision which is bringing up impressive buildings while providing customers a world-class experience. The group ensures it has in its services a strong financial institution and architects with a vision to help in facilitating the completion of spectacular projects in time. For more info check out his crunchbase profile.

Omar Boraie, the group’s founder, and current President has been an influential figure in the company’s exploits of giving back to the New Brunswick community. In particular, the Boraie Development is associated with projects aimed at ending poverty, hunger and crime in the New Jersey urban communities. The Boraie Development also works closely with Elijah’s Promise, a non-profit organization which seeks to alleviate hunger and transforms the lives of the disadvantaged in society.

According to Rutgers, Omar Boraie is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the New Brunswick State Theatre. Under his tenure, the theater has come up with a list of initiatives aimed at promoting talent among the society while at the same time advancing the production of quality content and attracting award-winning performers to their shows. In addition to providing quality content, the State Theatre of New Brunswick has also been a key sponsor summer events which strive to bring laughter and amusement to the residents of New Brunswick.

The Boraie Development has been in operation for over four decades and is continually growing in their quest to transform New Brunswick into a commercial giant. The company has experienced phenomenal growth under the great leadership of Omar Boraie, and people no longer think his vision is a wild fantasy. Speaking about the achievements the group has accomplished over the years, Boraie has fond memories of the dilapidated state of the buildings when he first started out and is grateful of the much Boraie Development has contributed to shaping the future of New Brunswick.

Apart from contributing to the development in New Brunswick, the Omar Development has also undertaken projects in other places especially in Newark and Atlantic City. This projects which feature impressive new building designs have a purpose of improving the life of inhabitants. The Boraie Development group is focused on providing quality buildings in downtown centers and has been brilliant so far.

Read more:

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EOS Lip Balm History; From Cough Syrup Cherry To Exotic Fruits

With epic flavors like that of Vanilla Bean, Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, and that of the ultimate classic Sweet Mint and this one:, Evolution Of Smooth created a market for the crazy unique flavors that we all know and love today before it was cool. A true hipster of their time, the EOS Lip Balm took over the world with a unique revolution that demanded for personalized choices instead of the simple slew of overly medicinal, boring lip balms that did nothing other than temporarily moisturize while simultaneously smelling of bad medicine and sucking up the natural moisture that was previously present in those luscious lips of our world before we decided to buy a tube of Blistex or chapsticks.

Do you remember when you felt lucky for spotting a cherry flavor that was still on the shelf but somehow managed to ruin cherries for you completely for at least a week before you lost the tube thanks to the way it faintly tasted of cough syrup. Luckily with Craig Dubitsky on the scene that quickly changed permanently for the better when the innovative genius that is Dubitsky came up with the idea that lip balm should be more fun, more aesthetically pleasing, and more refreshing.

Coming up with a rounded pastel design faintly resembling that of the lip gloss buckets that were taking over places like PacSun, Limited Two, and Claire’s that were cute in theory but the world had unanimously agreed was far too unhygienic for their tastes, Dubitsky started up an unexpected revolution that the entire world soon fell in love with as the adorable eggs started popping up in our local CVS Pharmacies, Well, Walmart. At half the price of the average tube of lipstick, EOS Lip Balm has ultimately become the ideal lip balm for everyone.

Visit the EOS Facebook page for more product information.

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Brian Bonar: Succeeding in the Financial World

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Dalarada Corporation. He has a meticulous attention to detail, and that is what has given him success. Over the years, he has developed skills that have propelled his success in the financial world.

Brian has established himself as a leader, and that is what led to his recognition by his peers. In 2010, Brian was included in the Who is Who Cambridge annual list. This is one of the coveted honors of the financial world. Every year, the committee chooses two males and two females for the award. The criteria for choosing include academic accomplishments, professional achievements, and leadership skills.

Brian has been in the financial industry for 30 years, and he has gained a wealth of information and knowledge that have enabled him to accomplish great things.


The interesting part is that he has a background in technical engineering. Everything he knows about finance he has learned it through experience. According to Market Watch, Brian Bonar attended the James Watt Technical College and graduated with mechanical engineering. He later advanced his education by pursuing his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Stafford University. His knowledge in mechanical engineering shaped his career.

Professional career

Soon after completing his first degree, Brian joined the IBM Company as the procurement manager. He worked for the company for 16 years and was responsible for outsourcing the company’s motherboards. After completing his master’s degree, he decided to pursue other positions. That was when he joined the QMS Company as the Director of Engineering. At the company, he was responsible for managing a team of software and hardware engineers.

His career in sales and marketing began when he joined the Rastek Corporation and the Vice President of the Sales and Marketing department. He was in charge of the World Wide Sales of the Printing Technology. Brian served as the sales manager of the Adaptec Company for one year.

In 1994, he decided to test the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship by launching the Bezier Systems Company. The Company was established to develop the SCSI based printer. Brian served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company for one year. In 2006, he founded the AMS Outsourcing Company and acted as the Managing Member.

In 1999, Brian was appointed the Chairman and the C.E.O of the Dalarada Financials. His responsibility has been to guide, direct and provide strategies for sales and marketing. Brian also serves as the Chairman and C.E.O of the Trucept Company. He joined the Company in 2011 and been responsible temporary staffing and the sale of insurance products and services.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys boating and playing golf.

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Squaw Valley Provides Positive Update on Water Contamination


Oftentimes, the weather is difficult to predict. In October 2016, Squaw Valley Ski lodge was hit with a storm that effected the facility’s water supply. A water system that was installed that summer became contaminated due to the storm. Storms typically cause structural damage, but very rarely do we hear anything about contamination of water supplies. Fortunately, the management at Squaw Valley took immediate action to contain the contamination and has done so with incredible success thus far.

As soon as the incident had taken place at the lodge, Squaw Valley management restricted access to water to its customers and began an ongoing investigation on how to handle the situation. Water safety experts were contacted and gave management insightful consultation on the matter. In combination, Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer Country Environmental Health began working with management to ensure that the contamination was dealt with properly. Thus far, the ongoing treatment of the water has proven to be successful thanks to management’s professional approach to the issue by contacting appropriate outside sources.

In lieu of this, patrons will still have regular access to the facilities at the ski lodge. However, all individuals using the resort’s facilities are issued a warning about the water, and the health risks of consumption. As a kind gesture for all its’ customers, Squaw Valley will management will be providing free bottles of water for all until the issue can be resolved. Their safety is of the utmost priority, and management wants individuals to be able to stay hydrated during this time when remaining active on the slopes.

With various organizations and leading expert advice being received, it is only a short amount of time until the water contamination issue can be resolved. Squaw Valley believes firmly in patron safety, and will continue to resolve this ongoing issue until water consumption is safe for all at the facility.


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How Organo Gold Is Changing The Coffee Industry

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of many cultures. There are a lot of benefits that people get from drinking coffee. However, a lot of people are also carrying the mentality that coffee is not the healthiest drink. Fortunately, companies like Organo Gold is working hard to change that perception.

Organo Gold carries perhaps one of the healthiest coffee drinks and even beverages because of an ingredient called ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient mushroom that has grown in various parts of Asia. It has been used for treating different illnesses. Organo Gold was made with the purpose of bringing this herb to the rest of the world.

The company was started with a vision. The man with the vision is Bernardo Chua. He is the one who has seen the benefits that come with Ganoderma and had the vision of bringing the herb to others outside of Asia.

One vision that he had was that of a healthier world. He believes that the benefits of this herb can be brought to various countries throughout the globe. Therefore, he has worked on expanding his country to different parts of the world so that he is able to see people adopt a healthier lifestyle with the help of Organo Gold coffee.

According to PR News Wire, with the leadership of Bernardo Chua, Organo Gold has expanded to different territories throughout the world. Among the countries that Organo Gold has expanded into is Turkey. This is considered significant in that this country is where coffee has first originated.

This allows people to enjoy the benefits of the product that they themselves have invented. They also get to experience the difference that the herb known as ganoderma makes in their lives. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

One good thing about the health benefits of the product that people in Turkey can enjoy is that it is very helpful for them since they have a renewed fashion for living an active and healthy life.

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Wedding Photo Location Recommendations in Mobile and Tuscon from George Street Photos and Videos

If you are looking for a place to have your wedding photos taken, then choose a destination that uniquely reflects the city or your relationship.

Mobile, Alabama

Many couples choose to head to the stilted beach homes in Fort Morgan, Alabama. This city has one of the oldest Mardi Gras celebrations in the United States, and the Mobile Carnival Museum is a fun place to have wedding or engagement photos taken. Those looking for a natural landscape will not want to overlook using the Mobile Botanical Gardens.

Tucson Arizona

The Sonoran desert makes a beautiful background for wedding photos. The Sabino Canyon is a particularly idyllic place for portraits near Tucson, Arizona. Alternatively, consider the beautiful missions around the area. If time is going to be an issue, then make sure to think about Mission San Xavier del Bac located about 10 miles from downtown.

You have many different choices on where to get your wedding photos captured. Working with the experts at George Street Photos and Videos ( will make it easy to choose the location that is right for you.


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Reverse Showrooming is Working for Fabletics

With the popularity of electronic purchasing, many brick-and-mortar businesses are struggling to maintain sales to support the business and rent. There was a time not so long ago when manufacturers began as direct sales establishments such as Banana Republic and graduated to mall stores.


Fabletics is taking a backwards approach to marketing. Fabletics established a successful subscription business first and is now beginning to build physical stores. By creating a loyal customer base before building, Fabletics flies in the face of traditional retail and is creating a success.


Fabletics advertises heavily on television, offering a $20 for an initial order of a new fitness outfit. Once subscribers enter the Fabletics club, customer service ensures they are treated like royalty.


Having formed a loyal customer base this way, Fablitics is not rolling out physical stores. Customers will be able to make purchase in the stores, but they also serve to feed the subscription base. All subscription benefits apply in the physical stores including Fabletics points for customer loyalty.


In this way, Fabletics is assaulting Amazon by mail and on the ground, and doing so successfully.


One of the selling points of Fabletics that appeals to many subscribers is that Fabletics tracks orders in detail and uses that data to select the best match for the next order. Progressively, as your subscription advances, Fabletics improves in its ability to select successful products for you, thereby decreasing returns and increasing loyalty.


Quality, dependable, consistent quality, is another foundational Fabletics concept. If you walk the mall or surf Amazon, you may purchase athletic apparel of different qualities and of standard, rather than fashionable, cuts. Fabletics sets the bar high for fitness apparel so customers receive clothing of consistent quality each month.


Beyond quality, Fabletics addresses fashion. Many women exercise every day and enjoy having a fashion-forward outfit to inspire them to take the next class or the next run. With Fabletics, shoppers know that their subscription consists of interesting colors, cuts and materials and they don’t have to spend hours walking the mall to get them.


As the capper on the Fabletics customer service model, they ensure an easy-in, easy-out policy. They are not in existence to profit from customer’s forgetfulness in neglecting to cancel the subscription; that is not how they want to do business.


Fablectics wants their business to be based on successfully serving their customer base. If you do not want an order for a given month, you may inhibit shipping by notifying Fabletics before the stated date. If you forget to notify, simply return any unwanted clothing for a refund or credit.


In addition to offering personalized shopping, Fabletics is constantly offering customer incentives such as points toward additional purchases, discounts and special offers. This club/subscription model is designed so that the customer and Fabletics develop a mutually agreeable, long term association.


So, reverse showrooming is making a splash for Fabletics.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler’s high-power moves ????

A video posted by @fabletics on

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Traveling Vineyard Willing To Pay You To Receive Wine Education

Wine seems like one of those things that everybody eventually comes around to love, like seafood or golf. The libation’s incredibly complex flavors and textures seem to get better with age. We also seem to appreciate it more as we grow older. This eventuality is one of the reasons that the wine industry continues to grow and get stronger. There are countless success stories out of the wine business including a South African woman who rose out of poverty to dominate the African wine landscape.

With such a booming business, and the potential for growth, why not get in on the action? Traveling Vineyard allows you to do just that. Whether you are looking for extra income to cover some of your bills, or a full-time job, look no further than Traveling Vineyard (+TravelingvineyardOfficial) . You can turn your lows into wine into a steady stream of income.

All you need to do to make money with Traveling Vineyard is get together with your friends. It really is that simple. Get somebody that you know to host a wine tasting event. Everybody shows up at a predetermined time and that’s where you take over the event. You get training that allows you to guide your friends through a complex wine tasting to deepen their appreciation for the already popular libation.


Everybody wins. Your friends get education that allows them to appreciate their wine even more, and you get to turn your friends onto some of the world’s best wines at the same time. Every order that comes out of that event, whether it happens during the event or after, gets you a 35% commission.

Connect with Traveling Vineyard on LinkedIn for the latest information.

These events seem spectacularly fun. A quick review of the company’s social media presence will show nothing but pictures of people enjoying themselves. It seems almost like you get paid to party. And once you get really good at hosting these events, you may be brave enough to venture out and host events with strangers.

The exploding wine industry is always on the lookout for the next great salesperson, and that could be you. And you get to receive all of this invaluable experience while setting your own schedule and making yourself your own boss.

Traveling Vineyard – A Home-Based Business for Wine Lovers

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