Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a well-known Israeli Ambassador, an international interviewer, and a writer of known British origin. He served as the Israeli Ambassador for the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015. He was also known as the director of Planning and Strategy for the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem.


Taub was also known as a negotiator in the Israeli-Palestinian in the process for peace. Along with being a member of Israeli’s negotiation team. For Israeli-Syrian negotiations, where he headed as Israel’s observer to the International Court of Justice, hearings on the topic of Israel’s barrier to security.


In a farewell article addressing his leave and official status as a former ambassador. His credentials and experiences he gained from his former position, are bright to light. From meeting the queen, where he gained his position as the ambassador with mentions that his credentials finally presented themselves. And his religious belief and practices as an Orthodox Jew, as he believed that “having faith in your life can build bridges.”


The article also mentioned that Taub’s has always been there in moments of crisis. He was always there to present Israel’s case to the government. As well as taking time to talk to the media, on television programs such as Today and Newsnight. Along with being involved in sessions with businesswoman and men along with academics. Speaking heavily of situations that center around the Middle East.


It is also mentioned his opinion on the Labour Party and his belief that it needed to be looked at more closely. Along with a conversation about Israel and Palestine, along with Israel-Palestinian accommodations. Saying that people must realize that. Along with the growing awareness of the upheavals that will have to be more realistic toward these accommodations.


Taub also dismissed the idea that he was being officially assigned to Anglo-Jewry. Saying that he is not an ambassador for the Jewish Community, but holds duty for the Court of St James. Even with this role within the Jewish community, it involves him to become very passionate and concerned with Israel.


He mentions that him and his Zehava both feel that they have earned their place and affection in the Jewish Community. While saying that he has “not faced any serious problems” while being involved in the community in Britain. Learn more: http://www.yadhanadiv.org.il/staff-member/daniel-taub





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