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Paul Mampilly is a successful hedge fund and financial manager and author of the Profits Unlimited investment newsletter. He has demonstrated proven success by winning the prestigious Templeton Foundation’s investment competition award.

Mampilly has a rich educational background in business and finance, receiving his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in business administration from State University of New York at Albany and Fordham’s school of business respectively. Paul demonstrated his investment prowess while co-managing multiple hedge funds as a senior portfolio manager at Kinetics Asset Management.

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Mampilly’s success as a hedge fund manager lead him to creating the Profits Unlimited newsletter in which he shares many of his investment secrets to his subscribers. The purpose of the newsletter extends beyond simply providing advice; Mampilly strives to teach each subscriber to make smarter investment choices. He is a firm believer that the best way to truly learn how to invest is through personal trading experiences and learning through trial and error. Paul is proponent of considering all viewpoints prior to selecting a particular stock or investment opportunities. He explains that understanding what the existing negative sentiment surrounding an investment choice can be crucial in evaluating the true potential success of that option. Many times investors will simply choose a stock based on positive news and overlook some red flags that may not be quite as obvious.

Paul Mampilly is a huge success story, but it is his strong desire to share his knowledge with others that is truly admirable. One of the largest pieces of advice he gives to both amateur and seasoned investors is to continue treating each investment decision as a learning experience and always expand your knowledge base to make the most well informed decision possible. His Profits Unlimited newsletter is an incredible opportunity that investors have to educate themselves and obtain some of the tools necessary take ownership of their personal finances and grow their wealth.

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