Jake Gottlieb: The Passionate Investment Manager who Left his Medical Career

Jacob Gottlieb is a highly successful investment manager with almost two decades of expertise in the financial and investment sector. He is the CIO and Founder of Visium Asset Management, a prominent investment management company headquartered in New York. Gottlieb is someone who had a great passion for stock markets and investments from his childhood, and that made him leave the medical career and fully concentrate in the investment industry. However, he confirms that he is fascinated towards both the professions and stay updated of medical industry as a physician. Since his childhood, Gottlieb was a baseball card trader and had a great passion towards baseball game.

His analytical skills and capacity to pick right stocks were identified for the first time when he was attending an unusual contest in his 7th grade at his school. In the contest, he and other participants had to pick the right stocks, and Gottlieb won the contest by accurately picking the right stocks. After watching his achievement, his father decided to open a trading account for Gottlieb to help him advance his trading skills and knowledge through practical trading experience. In order to learn entrepreneurial skills, Gottlieb started selling beverages to golf players at a nearby course. For that purpose, he was availing the supplies from a grocery store and taking the drinks to the ground in a heavy shopping cart.

Though Gottlieb completed his MD from School of Medicine – New York University, his passion towards shares landed him finally in stock markets. He is highly analytical and has some great observations as well as insights about both medicine and fund management industry. According to him, both the industries and roles share some very common characteristics. Gottlieb thinks that both stockbrokers and physicians are risk managers as well as risk takers. Both professions require greater planning skills and should realistically approach various issues. However, Gottlieb adds that the physicians should work towards removing potential risks that can endanger their patients, like the stock traders.

Similarly, the stock traders have to manage finances and take risks before their portfolios getting out of control. Gottlieb accepts that the people from both the fields should know what action can produce results in any given situation. He confirms that his love towards stock markets is blended with his love for the medical profession. Before founding Visium in 2005, Gottlieb was part of Balyasny Asset Management as its founding member. He also collaborated with Merlin Financial as an investment portfolio manager. Gottlieb began his financial career by working at Sanford C. Bernstein as a buy-side analyst.

Jacob Gottlieb keeps a major portion of his time and money for community-support initiatives. He is closely working with Math for America, an organization working on improving the standards of mathematics and science teachers across the cities in the United States. It created fellowship programs for early career teachers, master teachers, and master teachers emirates that are designed based on continued learning, collaboration, and genuine respect. The programs help the teachers to grow professionally and help them to earn confidence and career satisfaction in the long-term.

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