Mike Baur supports startups in Switzerland

Switzerland is leading in the startup’s development in the whole world. The country is performing better than any other country because it has committed to making the startup businesses in the country succeed. The only way startup businesses can excel in the country is by putting in place measures that will ensure they compete successfully with the established businesses. Since startups do not have the same financial muscle as the big corporations, they are forced to put in place measures that will keep them in business while at the same time offering quality services to the consumers. Startups can do this by offering alternative solutions from those offered by the large corporations.


Startups cannot excel by taking on the big corporations head on. The only alternative they have for them to succeed is to bring disruptive ideas in the market which will impress the consumers and make them fall for their products as opposed to the one offered by the big corporation. Startups in Switzerland have played a critical role in putting the company on the global map as a technologically advanced country. Switzerland has been growing rapidly especially in the technology sector because of the growth recorded by the technological sector. Tech startups in the country have been picking up very well, and some of them are today top companies in the country.


Startups businesses in Switzerland have been supported by a robust mentorship culture that exists in the country. Top financiers and business managers normally come together to tap the ideas that the young entrepreneurs who have good ideas but lack the management knowledge as well as finances to run them. Mike Baur is one of the entrepreneurs who are interested in strengthening the startup industry. He has a company known as Swiss Startup Factory which he is using to mentor and nurture the ideas of the young entrepreneurs in the country. He is giving them an opportunity to develop and become top businesses.


Swiss startup Factory was started by Mike Baur after he left a career in the banking sector in 2014. He came out of the banking industry with adequate experience needed to help other businesses grow. His attention is on young tech entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas. He is offering them space to grow their ideas by ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary business skills to run a business profitably. The Swiss Startup Factory has so far mentored some successful companies such as Bcomp Ag’s.


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