Roberto Santiago: The Representative of Visionaries Who Shaped Brazilian Shopping Mall Industry

Brazilian retail and shopping mall industry is something that got consistent and quick growth over the last few decades. Even when the country was going through the helm of financial turmoil in the recent years, the shopping mall industry displayed consistent growth of over six percent per annum. One of the major reasons for this consistent and quick growth is due to a group of visionary thinkers present in the industry. Their hard work, business strategies, and efficient use of latest technologies have helped the industry greatly to evolve even during the crisis years. One of the prominent name in the list of visionaries is Roberto Santiago who established Manaira Shopping in Paraíba.


Roberto Santiago is a real visionary as he opened the shopping mall for the public in 1989 – when it was not at all a choice for the middle-class Brazilians. He foresaw the shopping needs of growing Brazilian middle class during the late 80s and decided to utilize the opportunity given by the growing market. Santiago understood that the middle class would have diverse needs when years pass on, and something that can satisfy the needs of large customer base can only succeed in the Brazilian soil. Since its opening, he expanded the shopping mall multiple times, including five major developments. Santiago ensured that shopping mall has all the latest shopping, entertainment, and dining options that are available in the Brazilian soil. He went for providing a comprehensive experience for all the mall visitors.


What makes Manaira Shopping different from other shopping malls? It is the biggest shopping mall in the state of Paraíba and one of the largest in the country. It provides an overall experience for the people including various services. With a wide range of entertainment options and shopping, it is an absolute destination for young individuals as well as families. It has nearly 300 fashion and apparel brands that are internationally acclaimed. Additionally, it has all the major international fast food chains, restaurants with exotic dishes, and dining options for the native Brazilian food. Since Paraíba is a major tourist destination in Brazil with many beaches, even it serves the needs of visitors to the state as well as to the city João Pessoa.


When it comes to the entertainment area, the mall hosts a Gamestation with over 200 gaming machines. The cinema complex from Cinépolis introduces both Brazilian and Hollywood movies to the people of Paraíba with highest film-watching experience. It is enabled with Active 3D technology, Stadium System of seating, and more. The Domus Hall in the roof of the mall is the major venue of the city João Pessoa for all the events, art functions, college programs, and more. The air-conditioned hall has a capacity of more than 8,000 audiences at a time.



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