Rocketship Education Unique Vision For Their Students

Preston Smith and John Danner founded Rocketship Education in 2006. The first school opened in San Jose, California in 2007. The vision is to eliminate the achievement gap in one lifetime. While you might think this is a very ambitious dream, yet with the devotion of the founders, the principles and educators in this unique school system might not be that far-fetched. How can that be? Rocketship Education offers three pillars to success: Personalized learning, talent development, and Parent Power.

Firstly, personalized learning customizes instructions to ensure students get the most out of their lessons. Rocket education pace lessons for the students and not rush it to make sure students are catching on and learning. They use four content blocks each day to keep lessons fresh and students engaged. Humanities, STEM, Learning Lab and Enrichment allow for teachers who specialize in STEM or Humanities to improve student outcome.

In addition, employing parents to participate in their child’s education holds leaders accountable and ensures that school is educating the students at the highest level possible. By using their transformative change in low-income communities enables this high-quality school system to thrive in those communities it serves.

Second, talent development is another key to having engaged students who are learning at an aptitude to compete at the national school standards. Therefore, investing in educator’s growth and development helps aide in how they teach their students. At Rocketship, they have plenty of talented teachers who work at this educational institute. However, at Rocketship, they want to continue their teachers’ ability to learn as well as their students who depend on those teachers.

Finally, it is all about parent power, because in the end, it comes down to the parents. Without engaging and caring parents, having successful students will be a challenge. It takes the parents to also get involved in the learning process, by making sure their kids are doing the work they are given and staying in contact with the teachers. Parents who put their kids’ education first will see their kids thriving at this unique school.

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