Ronald Fowlkes: Master of Tactical Gears

Ronald Fowlkes is former military personnel who is now working as a business development manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited, a company known for manufacturing tactical gears and arms. When he was younger, he decided to join the United States military, serving from 1989 to 1993. He was sent to fight in the Gulf War, and he developed his skills in using tactical gears during his deployment to the Middle East. He gained a lot of knowledge using these gears, and he became one of the best combatants in the field. After he was discharged from the military in 1993, Ronald Fowlkes decided to serve the St. Louis Police. He used his knowledge about using tactical gears and taught it to his colleagues. He served as a police officer for 13 years before he finally retired. His colleagues at the law enforcement sector thanked him for his contribution in promoting peace and order within the city and wished him good luck in his next endeavors in life.



In July 2008, Ronald Fowlkes stumbled upon an opportunity that would allow him to work for the Eagle Industries Unlimited. He submitted his application letter, and he was one of the lucky individuals who made it to the interview. Ronald Fowlkes highlighted his experience in the law enforcement sector, and in the end, he was the one chosen by the company to work as their business development manager. Being the business development manager of the company, Ronald Fowlkes is assigned to work in the manufacturing and the marketing departments of the Eagle Industries Unlimited. It is his task to make sure that the products being created in the manufacturing department works according to the design. He would even use the products manufactured at their plant and test it himself. Another responsibility given to Ronald Fowlkes would be speaking in front of a wide range of clients who have shown interest in purchasing their products. He would test the products in front of them, showing how it is used, and its application in real life.



Because of the dedication and passion of Ronald Fowlkes in promoting tactical gears, the sale of the Eagle Industries Unlimited soared, and many clients from all over the country are visiting the city of St. Louis to get their hands on the tactical gears manufactured by the company. Ronald Fowlkes stated that he is satisfied with all of the support that is coming from their clients, and he is hoping that more people would be ordering their state of the art products. Eagle Industries Unlimited thanked Ronald Fowlkes for his contributions to the company, and they wish him more success working with them.



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